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Indiana Teen Driving - How it Works is designed to help you learn about traffic safety so you can become a safe driver. To successfully pass our course requires only three simple steps.

  1. Register for our course. We have made the registration process as simple as possible so you can get started right away. It takes only a few minutes to register, and you can do it entirely online. All you need to provide is basic information about yourself.
  2. Complete the course. We understand that learning about the rules of the road can be boring. To make the learning process as painless as possible, we have divided our course into smaller sections to make it easy for you to start and stop whenever you want. There is a maximum time limit of no more than 3 hours a day, however you may login/out whenever you like and review your course summary.
  3. Pass the final exam. Although we require our students to take the final exam, we have made it multiple-choice and give you the chance to review the course before taking it. If you can't pass the final exam on your first try, don't worry! We give you extra chances to pass it at no cost to you.

Once you pass our Indiana Teen Driver Education course, we will send you a certificate of completion that you will present to your behind-the-wheel provider. There are additional requirements that must be met before you can receive your Indiana Driver’s License. To learn more about the process of getting your learner's permit, please visit the BMV’s Learner’s Permit webpage.

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